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Thursday, December 16, 2010

sixteen of december two thousand ten (part11)

continue from part 1 bcoz have some techinal problem occurs.........., after went to yai house me, therry n p phat went to visit chealse bcoz he juz discharge from hospital.he ate shampoo yesterday.he juz 2 years old pity.that shampoo makes him vomit thats why have to hospitalization.then we go to nadin rat home.they cooked laksa for tomorrow thod papa at wat kubang 3 lunch meals.after come back from there i go home.therry terus sleep.must b too tired....poor my boy...i write the resume for jtk open interview after he slept.i hope i can get any job from that i'view.that is goverment sector so the job more guarantee for future life.hope i can get something from there.dh malas nk study.kalau study result teruk mmg kna kja dh la.mmg aku dh x da rezeki kot utk dpt degree tu.jd penoreh getah je la nmpknya.x pun jd businesswoman pun nk buat business apa ek????pikir dulu la nor...apa2 pn p i'view tu dulu lah..yg lain nnt bru pikir...gud nite all...

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Dyla Qistina said...

Hi there,

I bumped into your blog while looking out for thai speaking local malaysian for some kind of vacancy sharing at penang area.

How can i contact you directly?
please come to my blog
:) waiting for your blogwalking too.