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Monday, December 6, 2010

my luvly son

my boy...i luv u so much...juz u that always at my side..mae2 feel so lonely...have many problems but dun know how to solve..sometimes feel like want to also no mood to further anymore...i didnt blame u on this situation..mae2 really thanx god for having u...mae2 also dun know what target or ambition that i have..juz having u at my side,mae2 feel very year is around the corner..everybody have new aims on this but me, still no where to go..what should i do???today that i know juz breathing for u my boy...another 1 week to go u will be 10 month old already...lets mae2 think the best solution for this probs k..mae2 dun have anybody..juz u that mae2 can hug when im crying...hope that new year will brigther my life more....

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