mY wOrDs

## aPpreciATe wHo & wHaT aROunD uRsELf ##

Thursday, December 16, 2010

sixteen of december two thousand ten (part1)

wake up at 8am today.bring therry to buy nasi lemak at many days didnt bring therry sit on his baby chair in car.juz to make him familiar with that again.juz b prepare if maybe something that needs me to bring him to somewhere with no one can hold him.after reach home,he sleep again after taking bath.i go to kenduri at kodiang and napoh with him n pho some frenz.come back home sleep again.this is therry evening i watched the korean series, p phat want to go for dinner we go to the village nite, we go to yai house to take therry's clothes and lend some money for her trip.enjoy the bangkok trip nah cah yai!!!

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